Halloween Costumes

photo (7)About a month ago, one of my daughters said she wanted to have an inflatable morph suit for Halloween. I thought she was joking so I didn’t pay any attention.

It turns out she was serious.

I got online and looked at morph suits. Some were cute and clever, like the one with the US flag or the ones that look like crash test dummies. But to me, the inflatable morph suits were silly and made someone look like the Michelin tire man. Plus, they were expensive.

I showed these to DH and he took Thing One to the costume store. When they selected the morph suit, she hesitated. DH could see she wasn’t totally committed so he told her we’d wait a few more days for her to decide.

I kept trying to come up with other ideas for her. Finally DH decided he didn’t want Thing One wearing something that covered her entire face. He also was concerned that it would be so dark at night that nobody could see her.

Thing One is a bit of a tomboy. She never was into the princesses. When I took her into another costume store, she immediately headed to the boy section. Still,nothing appeased her even though we looked at pirates, Mario and doctors. Finally, she decided to be a cowboy. We figured out that we could probably put the outfit together using things from our house.

I went to the Goodwill store and found a plaid country western shirt for her to wear with jeans. In our basement, we found her boots from the previous year, but she had outgrown them. We also found a pink sequined cowboy hat from several years before, but she didn’t like the color. I took her to Target to look for boots and a new cowboy hat. I was adding up the cost of this “home-made” outfit and it was getting to be the cost of the inflatable morph suit.

When we got to Target, there was only one cowboy hat left. However, next to it was a sombrero. When she tried on the sombrero, her face lit up and she became animated. I remembered DH had a brightly colored shirt that a friend had sent him from South Africa. Plus, we could always find a use for a sombrero – even just as the centerpiece of a Mexican Fiesta party. This might work.

A few days later, I purchased a fake moustache and the costume came together. On Halloween, I said she was Pancho Villa, but she told everyone she was just a good-looking Hispanic guy with a moustache. She even won second place in our neighborhood costume contest!

Had we bought the morph suit, we wouldn’t have had the brainstorming sessions nor would we have used any creativity. She was happy with the costume because her input was valued. I was happy since it didn’t cost a lot of money.