Rainforest Spa Pass on the Disney Dream

The one thing you have to do on a Disney Cruise is to purchase a pass to the Rainforest Spa. It is a treat! You can buy a day pass for about $16 or for $56 purchase a pass for the entire 4-day cruise.


What is the Rainforest Room? Located in the spa, this area is split it into two sections. The first is the lounge/hot tube section and the other is the shower/sauna section.

Hot tubs –  two hot tubs that are enclosed but surrounded by windows so you feel you’re outside – yet not exposed to the elements. The hot tubs hold 2 people each. You can sit in them upright, but the inside bottom of the hot tubs are molded rather like a lounge chair. I can’t describe, but picture yourself in a lounge chair but in the tub. It’s quiet – no screaming kids, etc. You can also adjust the temperature, bubbles, etc.

Hot Tub with amazing views

Inside, there’s a solarium – a glassed in room with 8 or 10 heated tile lounge chairs. At first glance, they don’t look comfortable. They’re hard, don’t move, but wrap yourself in your robe and grab a book. The heat feels great after a few minutes. For night-time, there are adjustable reading lights above. The music that’s piped in isn’t Mary Poppins or Aladdin, but soothing spa music that you barely notice. A hushed silence hovers over the area. People read, nap, enjoy the spectacular view – whatever floats their boat (no pun intended!).

The heated loungers are soothing in the solarium

The second section is the shower and sauna area. Inside you will find fresh towels and water. You can choose to drink the regular water or the water with lemon – both served in plastic cups. You’re walking around in these plastic flip-flops.

Three very different saunas are in this area. One is super-super hot – called the caldacium. When I tried to take a picture, only steam could be seen. I could only stay in here about five minutes tops.

The next one is less hot and is called the Hamam or Turkish Bath. There were sinks in there and I’ve found out later you can do a scrub and sit in there for 15 minutes or so and then wash it off in the sinks. Cool!

The Turkish Bath on the Disney Dream

To the far right is the dry sauna, called the laconium. What I like is it has a large window so there’s no getting claustrophobic here. Although not as hot as the other saunas, you should still drink lots of water.

The dry sauna on the Disney Dream

One of the helpers suggests doing the first two steam saunas, then a cooling shower and then drying off in the dry sauna. I did different things at different times.

There are 4 showers. The one to the left is the Cool Mist Experience – Siberian Nights – which lasts about 30 seconds and you have a scent and maybe hear birds. There’s a setting that’s not as cold. I loved doing it where I didn’t stand directly under the spray, but more in the mist to cool off.

Cool Mist Experience on the Disney Dream

On the other side were three showers – Each one had three settings. The first one was called Tropical Thunder my least favorite – had lights as part of the experience. Seems like Atlantic storm, Southern Storm and Caribean Storm. and other locations. It felt like lasted a minute or more.

Experience different showers in the Rainforest Spa

Water Fun, the middle shower, was a favorite and there was a setting I liked Caribbean something – seemed like it got warmer towards the end.

The only one that’s warm is the last one – Rainforest. There’s a waterfall setting where water comes out of a different spigot to the right. The next one was warm rain and the last one – kenju had a combination of both – my favorite.

If you’re on the Disney Dream and you enjoy quiet time, this is a must for you. Afterwards, go in the locker room and take a real shower with the provided shampoo, conditioner and soap and feel relaxed for the rest of your trip!