Quebec City, Montreal and Adirondacks Itinerary

Quebec Trip Itinerary

The Chateau Frontenac Hotel

Day 1
Arrive Montreal
Drive to Trois-Rivieres, QC via Autoroute 40.
Lunch at Boulangerie Guay, Pont-du-Lac, QC
Our Lady of the Cape Shrine – Trois-Riveres. QC
Chemin du Roy – King’s Highway to Quebec City
Chateau Frontenac and evening walk – Quebec City

Lower Town - Quebec City

Quebec City’s Lower Town and The St. Lawrence River

Day 2
Walking Tour of Old Quebec – the Upper City and the Lower City (includes Dufferin Terrace, Notre-Dame Basilica-Cathedral of Quebec, Quartier Petit Champlain,  Our Lady of Victory Church)
Musee de la Civilisation – Quebec City
Dinner at Bello – Quebec City
Walk to Plains of Abraham for Quebecois Concert – Quebec City

Montmorency Falls

Day 3
La Citadelle du Quebec – Quebec City
Montmorency Falls

Ile d’Orleans

Lunch at Panache Mobile at vineyard, Vignoble de Saint-Petronille
Ice cream at Chocolaterie de Ile d’Orleans, Saint Francoise, Ile d’Orleans
Dinner at Bistro Sous Le Fort – Quebec City


Biosphere at Parc Jean-Drapeau

Day 4
Arrive Montreal driving through Parc Jean Drapeau
Notre-Dame Basilica, Old Montreal
Lunch at Creperie Chez Suzette, Old Montreal
Ponte a Calliere museum, Old Montreal
Dinner at Universel Dejeuner Grillades
Walk up to Mont Royal at dusk – Montreal

Lake Placid, NY

Day 5
Drive to Adirondack Mountains
Veterans Memorial Highway to top of White Face Mountain, Wilmington, NY.
Lunch at The Cottage, Lake Placid
Walk around Main Street Lake Placid and Mirror Lake (2.7 mile loop)
Ferry ride to Charlotte, VT
Waterfront Park, Burlington
Dinner at The Skinny Pancake, Burlington
Arrive Montreal

Musee des Beaux Arts, Montreal

Day 6
Musee des Beaux Arts – Montreal
Chateau Ramezay – Montreal
Lunch at Jardin Nelson, Old Montreal
Leave Montreal

A Day in the Adirondacks – Lake Placid, NY

“You’re from the US, but you’re driving a rental car from Quebec?” the border agent asked us.

“Yes – long story but we’re visiting Montreal and missed the US. We’re here just for the day to see the Adirondacks,” my husband replied.  Chuckling, the agent waved us through. Gone were the signs in French. We stopped at a McDonald’s pleased to find the menu in English. After a crowded day in Montreal, we decided to see Lake Placid – just 90 miles south of Montreal.

At the Visitor Center, the agent suggested a gorgeous and scenic drive. It didn’t disappoint. Trees, greenery everywhere – very much like North Georgia but different. More sophisticated? Older?

We took the Whiteface Veterans Memorial Highway to the summit. For $11 fee (which was worth it) we drove on this road opened by FDR 1936. A stone elevator could take people from the parking lot directly to the observatory, but it wasn’t working that day. No matter. We wanted to take the hike up to the top.

Stumbling on roots and rocks, I didn’t think this would be a fun path. However, mid-way through the path smoothed out (although still climbing). We had gorgeous views of many of the lakes that dotted the Adirondacks. At the top, we did the usual checking out of all the vantage points. But the fun thing was to go inside the stone building that holds a weather center. Inside this small museum was information regarding the dedication of the center and a time lapse picture of the same view from each day in the previous years. So you could look at the view today, see what it was last March, the previous December, even the previous same day in June to see the changes – from knife-cold snow to brilliant oranges to budding springtime.

The weather center on top of Whiteface Mountain

Afterwards, we went to the Lake Placid ski center. It wasn’t quite what we were looking for but here you could take a gondola to the top and ride your bike (or hike) to the bottom during the summer. In the winter, it’s a full-blown ski resort.

Then, we drove into the tiny village of Lake Placid. Ironically, the Main street is situated on Mirror Lake. Lake Placid is on the northern end and is fronted mainly by a marina. We ate at the Cottage Restaurant on mirror lake while watching canoes and watercraft on Mirror Lake.

Mirror Lake at Lake Plaicd

Taking the 2.3 mile hike around the lake, we passed cute village shops. At the southern end a bit south of the lake, we passed by the Olympic buildings for both 1932 and 1980. In front of the high school was the track and Olympic Rings. If we had more time, we would have gone to the Lake Placid Olympic Museum.

The Olympic Oval is looking a bit worn

Back on the lake path, we rounded the public beach access. Kids, families and people crowded the tiny beach area. On the eastern side we passed large Adirondack style houses with of course – Adirondack furniture. Rounding the northern end, we walked over to the marina and Lake Placid.

As we headed out of Lake Placid, we drove by the Olympic Jumping Complex. It resembled a ghost town, but then again it was summer.

We took a different route back – driving to Essex, NY. Here, we crossed Lake Champlain on a ferry to Charlotte, VT. As residents of Burlington told us on the boat, when you drive into Burlington, you’ll see anywhere USA stuff, then it gets pretty. They were right. Entering the town reminded me of Milledgeville, GA that I would see later. Small streets, houses took us to the town center (like Natchez, MS) where we drove through University of Vermont. A popular restaurant area is Church Street Marketplace.

Church Street Marketplace in Burlington, VT

We parked the car at the Waterfront and enjoyed the boardwalk before eating dinner outside at the Skinny Pancake. We saw lots of grunge and Bernie Sanders supporters in this super casual and laid back restaurant. In fact, nobody (even the young people) seemed in a hurry!

The marina in Burlington, VT

Leaving, we got back to Montreal around 10 pm.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art – NYC

You can’t visit New York without going into the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The architecture alone is something to see.

The lobby at the Met

The lobby at the Met

A school orchestra serenaded us on the balcony above the large lobby. Going up the stairs, we walked quickly through the Greek and Roman art to get to the Impressionist paintings. Rooms filled with glorious paintings of my favorites – Monet, Cezanne, Pissarro, Renoir delighted my visual senses!

“Can we go now?” she said.

“What? Don’t you see these famous paintings? Aren’t they beautiful?” I begged her to give it a chance, but she reminded me that I promised her the trip wouldn’t be full of museums.

Renoir at the Met

Renoir at the Met

I did get to peek into some of the French Decorative Arts rooms when I pretended to get lost finding the main exit.

How could you not love the Met?

Well, if you find yourself in the situation I was in, I get it. That’s why I love the admission price – suggested donations. The recommended donation price is $25, but I found that a bit steep when I had an inkling we wouldn’t be in the museum more than 45 minutes. At the ticket counter, you just pay what you feel you should. If I were there by myself and had unlimited time, then $25 is realistic. But if you’re just going in there for a few minutes, then $10 or $15 may be more suitable. It’s completely up to you.

Period furnishings at the Met

Period furnishings at the Met

For more information see the Metropolitan Museum of Art website.

Walk from Fifth Avenue to Times Square – NYC

Since we had to wait a few hours until check-in began at our hotel, we ate lunch in Times Square after storing our bags with the hotel bellman.

From there, we walked along 42nd to see Grand Central Terminal, then up Madison to walk into the lobby at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel. Afterwards, we walked into St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

Grand Central Terminal

Grand Central Terminal


The lobby at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel

The lobby at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel


St. Patrick's Cathedral

St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Then it was time to hit Fifth Avenue and all its stores. Not much impressed my daughter. In fact, she was incredulous. “Do people really pay $2,400 for a dress?” she asked at Bergdorf Goodman. Even Tiffany’s failed to elicit a response.

She perked up a bit when walking through the Plaza Hotel, I mentioned this was where “Eloise” and “Home Alone 2” were filmed. At Rockefeller Center, I showed her the ice skating rink and the plaza where the “Today Show” is broadcast.

But we found the jackpot when we entered M&M’s World in the heart of Times Square. Three stories high, the retailer sells every color imaginable, not only in the candy, but in logo apparel, hats and backpacks.

M&M's galore!

M&M’s galore!


The M&Ms store

The M&Ms store

Not to be outdone, Hershey’s has opened their own store across the street. Inside, they offered free Hershey kisses to everyone who entered.

Hershey's store is smaller and only one level

Hershey’s store is smaller and only one level

Later that evening, we explored more of Times Square. Her favorite part – the four floors of the Forever 21 store where she spent hard-earned babysitting money on a pair of jeans.

Here I thought I had planned a great walking tour of New York and realized we could have just stayed in Times Square the entire time!