Makeover at Sephora


After my makeover at Sephora

This past Friday, I decided to book a custom makeover for myself. I booked the 45 minute session online and arrived there about 15 minutes early.

I had two men do my makeup. The first guy removed my eyeshadow, mascara and face makeup. Then, he applied skin care products by Perricone MD. I especially liked the Intensive Pore Minimizer, which felt like a toner when applied. He told me to use it both morning and night. But for $55, I decided to skip it.

The other Perricone MD product I liked was the No Concealer Concealer. He used it under my eye area, but also on my lid giving it a smooth finished look. Next, he used Urban Decay Pore Minimizer Primer on my face and UD Primer Potion on my eyes.

Once it was time for the makeup, the other guy took over. I was so nervous about the entire process that I didn’t get either of their names. He used Smashbox BB cream and powder to set my face. Then he worked on my eyes, using Urban Decay Naked Basics eyeshadow. First he brushed Naked 2 over the entire eye area. Then he applied Foxy, with a yellowish tint, to my lid right above the pupil. Lastly, he placed Faint in the crease. It looked fabulous!

The main reason I chose to have a makeover was to learn how to do cat eyes. I was interested in buying the Lancome Artliner in Smoke. Since it retails for $30 and to get the makeover, you’re supposed to spend $50, I thought this would be a win-win situation. I would learn how to use the eyeliner and make sure I liked it before purchasing. Well guess what? They don’t carry it in stock right now. It’s one of those seasonal products at Sephora and I would have to buy it online – which wouldn’t count toward the $50. I was reallly bummed out as I had spent a lot of time last November trying out every shade of gray/blue on my hand. My second favorite color was Sephora Collection’s, Made in Manhattan, which comes in a pot. He applied it using the #10 eyebrow brush. “You want to apply it as close to the eyelashes as possible. Keep brushing it in small strokes one section at a time, ” he told me. He didn’t really do the cat eye with the tail (which is what I really needed help with), but he did do a thick line and showed me how he smoothed it using the same brush afterwards.

After using Benefit They’re Real mascara, my eyes were done. Next for the face. He used Nars bronzer and then Nars Orgasm blush. For the lips, which I really liked, he used a Bobbie Brown lipliner in pink brownie with a Nars lipstick. He finished it off with a gloss that looked great, but didn’t stay on. However, I really did like the lipliner and lipstick and may return to get them.

Overall, I liked everything. I bought the primer, Nars blush/bronzer combo and the Urban Decay eyeshadow palette. The total was $89. Since that was well over the $50 I had planned to spend, and I still didn’t end up with the Lancome eyeliner, I decided to return the face primer later that day. I’ve read reviews about using Monistat Chafing Relief gel so I’m going to try that as a face primer first.

When I took my make up off that night, the mascara was extremely hard to remove. Even though it made my lashes look great, I’m glad I didn’t buy it. The next day, I did my makeup and the eyes looked pretty much like he had done them. Hurray! The cheeks and lips are a little harder as I think I’m using too much bronzer for the sheer blush to show up. Also, I’m using my own lipliner and lipstick which aren’t the same colors he used.

If you’re planning on making some cosmetics purchases, I recommend booking a session with a Sephora makeup artist. They didn’t push any one brand and listened to what I was interested in doing. Besides, you can always spend $50 at Sephora! Visit their website at

Snow Tubing in Sapphire Valley

IMG_1959I don’t like cold weather and being from Louisiana, I don’t have much experience with snow. Yet I found myself bundled in ski pants, ear muffs and snow boots when we visited Sapphire Valley Ski Resort in North Carolina this past weekend.

Although, the resort offers snow skiing, we decided to try tubing instead. The skiing seemed too complicated given that our children have never skied. When we suggested ski school to them, Thing 2 freaked out. “No, I want Daddy to teach me to ski,” she cried out. Thing 1 was indifferent as she’s not really an outdoor type of person.

For $26, we purchased a tubing session for an hour and 45 minutes. Since they don’t have an online ticket purchasing option, the Sapphire Valley website recommends arriving first thing in the morning to buy tickets for later that day. Our session began at noon.

The tubing section lies between the ski run and the beginner bunny slope. Once we schlepped through the snow to the tubing entrance, we pulled our inflatable tube from the pile and got in line with other eager participants. Thankfully, there was a moving sidewalk to carry us (and the cumbersome tubes) to the top of the slope where we queued up in three separate lanes. The other two lanes were inexplicably closed on this holiday weekend.

I expected this would be similar to sledding on a garbage can lid in our front yard when we have a snowstorm every few years. The only difference would be that I wouldn’t have to worry about hitting a tree or car in my neighbor’s driveway. I sat in the tube and slid down the hill.


This was fast.

This was fun.

Hmm – this was getting to be bit too much fun. How do I get off this thing?

Now I’m slipping to the right. I might go over the snow hump into the other lane.

False alarm. Now I’m tubing towards the left side and I slide into the other lane.

How fast am I going?

Oh – here’s the end. Darn! Let’s do it again.


Because of the crowd, it took at least ten minutes for the next run. This time I got into the tube headfirst and it was even more exhilarating. The children and my husband were enjoying it as well.

Soon, I noticed that the line was thinning out and the staff would spin the guests and tubes down the hill if they wanted. DH did this and looked pretty green by the time he got to the bottom.  ”Once is enough for me,” he said. Even though I tend to get dizzy, I asked the staff person for a “gentle spin.” Let’s just say it was a good thing I hadn’t eaten anything that morning.

After about an hour, the line was almost non-existent.   The sun was out and we began to shed our hats and gloves. Tubers began to form “trains” down the slope by holding onto each other’s tubes. We started forming trains with the children and found that with the weight of DH, we went down at a much faster clip – adding to the excitement.IMG_1963a

After our session ended, we watched the snow boarders and skiers on the slopes. Next time, we’ll try the skiing, but for this trip, the tubing was perfect. For more detailed information about activities and hours, visit their website –